The Baileys Trail System
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The planned Baileys Trail System is on a 9,000-acre parcel of land in the Wayne National Forest, located in Athens County, Ohio. Southeastern Ohio serves as a gateway to Appalachia, with rolling hills and forests. Quantified Ventures has been working with the Wayne National Forest, partners, and stakeholders to re-envision these abandoned mine lands as unique terrain for trail riding. The Baileys Trail System began as a blank canvas, providing an opportunity for the Baileys working group to hire Applied Trails Research to develop a plan for a sustainable, world-class trail system optimized for mountain bikers, but also attractive to hikers, trail runners, and other non-motorized, human-powered trail users. Within driving distance of approximately 15% of the US population, the Baileys Trail System will be an 88-mile, premier mountain biking destination east of the Mississippi. 

When complete, the Baileys Trail System will feature trails tailored to beginner through expert mountain bikers and loops that provide incredible hikes and trail runs through an actively restored forest to classic Appalachian foothill vistas. The Baileys Trail System will have direct community connections to Nelsonville, Buchtel, and Chauncey, as well as bikeway connectivity to Athens and The Plains via the 21-mile long Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. 

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Integrate conservation, outdoor recreation, and economic development in a way that strengthens and inspires communities in Southeast Ohio.


A diverse, resilient, and prosperous economy that includes sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation and promotes inclusive growth in Southeast Ohio.

01. Sustainable Economic Development

Greater spending, leading to increased sales taxes, property values, number of jobs, and earnings

Economically revitalize the economy and help the region pivot to a sustainable economy

02.Community Connectivity + pride

Trail systems like this one make communities more attractive to newcomers and increase quality of life for locals.

The Trails bring people together, revitalize communities, and cultivate a sense of place and wellness

Local communities will enjoy significantly improved access to outdoor recreation.

Trails bring the health benefits of outdoor recreation to communities that otherwise do not have a strong exercise culture. recruitment

Increasingly, influential companies cite access to the outdoors when considering where to relocate or expand.


The Baileys will provide SE Ohio with increased health, economic, and intangible benefits

  1. Develop a Trail Master Plan

  2. Complete Environmental Analysis

  3. Fundraise: money from grants, donations, etc. to build the trail system

  4. Construct the Trail System

  5. Build Community Capacity

  6. Create Lasting and Sustainable Economic Impact


“While recreational resources bring tourism revenues, their greatest value is in enhancing the quality of life of residents. The existence of parks, trails, nature preserves, and other recreational opportunities make Athens County a desirable place to live, and further development of these resources will help attract future residents”

Athens County Comprehesive Plan



Local governments in Athens County, Ohio have partnered with the US Forest Service and regional nonprofits to create an innovative outdoor recreation asset. This project will provide economic development, community connectivity, job creation, and health benefits for residents of one of the state’s poorest counties.

This coalition of sponsors is investing in the construction of the Baileys Trail System (the “Project”), an 88-mile premier mountain biking destination on 9,000 acres of the Wayne National Forest in Athens, Ohio. Through an innovative intergovernmental partnership, the project will connect an isolated rural community to the existing local bikeway network, promote improved health outcomes, create new recreational amenities, and support local and regional economic development.

Appalachian Ohio is an economy in transition. The Hocking Valley of Ohio was once one of the largest coal-producing regions in the country. Over many decades, the coal impacted counties of southeast Ohio have seen the departure of high wage jobs that sustained communities and allowed families to prosper locally with miles of abandoned mines and brown-field sites.

The project will produce the following local benefits:

  • Connective infrastructure linking low-income local communities to the county bike path network.

  • Creation of new recreation opportunities for local residents and visitors.

  • Expansion of the local economy through outdoor recreation spending.

  • Workforce and entrepreneurship training programs.

  • Health benefits and improved access to healthy foods.

  • Improved intergovernmental cooperation for public benefits.

  • Remediation of existing brown-fields and abandoned mine-lands.


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